I'm Chef Dan. I have been interested in opening a restaurant since I was in culinary school at the Great Oaks in 1998. I have cooked at many different places around the Greater Cincinnati Area, and always enjoy creating a great meal.

For the last few years I have been rolling sushi with my little brother, and we love coming up with healthy new sushi creations. I focus on sushi that has great nutritional content, low in fat, and delicious tasting. Findlay Market is the best place to reach a diverse gathering of locals and even people who are just visiting Cincinnati, and I can't think of a better place to set up my first restaurant. So many of the vegetables we use and spices we mix in can be found right here at Findlay! With all of the fresh seafood and produce around it will be convenient to come up with fun new types of sushi rolls all the time. This is the perfect place to make a great "coming out" for my culinary talents. The crowds of Findlay Market are perfect for sushi, so come and enjoy!

This website will show you our sushi roll menu and stir fry dishes as well as a drink menu which offers bubble tea, wheatgrass lemonade, or our own special mango milk creation that will compliment the cuisine. Keep your eyes and taste buds open, and thanks for visiting us online!