Sushi Menu

Fully Cooked Seafood Sushi Rolls

California Crab Roll Salmon Philly Roll
Yumme Sushi Roll

Vegetarian Rolls

Mango Fu Roll - Fried Tofu Green Pepper Carrot Cucumber Mango California Veg Roll - Avacado Carrot Cucumber Fried Tofu
Green Garden Roll - Asparagus Avacado Cucumber Fried Tofu Philly Roll - Cream Cheese Cucumber Fried Tofu 7-10 pieces per order $4.95 includes soy, ginger and wasabi Tempura Fried Sushi $5.95 7-10 pieces, includes sauces.

Stir Fry

Veggie Stir Fry
Stir Fry - Hot and Ready to eat wior with a lid to take home Peanut Teriyaki Sweet-N-Sour Coconut Curry

Indian Dishes

Saag Paneer Naan Wrap Saag Paneer Bowl
Chicken Curry Bowl Chicken Curry Naan Wrap